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Here you can see status and download active projects, available for public testing.

Available projects: AItem, Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC].


Arda Items Database (AItem)
Current version: 1.46.
Description: Database for Arda MUD items. Allows to work with Arda item identifies via comfortable interface. Has the automatical update capability (import).


1.46 Water breathing flag importing correctly.
Fixed item selection after deleting item from base. Detect invisibility and detect hidden flag importing correctly.
Release timeslices for multitasking environments.Anti-cleric flag importing correctly.
1.43 Fixed mouse pointer in full-screen mode.
1.42 Correct videomode is set on start. Log parser tolerance (5 lines).
1.41 Internal xlat for log importing. Magic filter. Log file now closing correctly.
1.30 Better log importing. Working items filter.
1.25 Improved log parser (tell me about any parsing bugs). Synchronization with other base. Sorting.
1.20 Log importing: base item stats (except affects).
1.15 Partial log importing (only item names).
1.10 Fully functional main edit dialog, database can now be saved and loaded. DPMI version.
1.00 First version, only main edit dialog without file saving capability.

Download latest version (DPMI).
If you don't have RAR, you can download it here.


Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC] - Tornado+ 1.70 от YT bugfix.
Current version: 10-Mar-04.
Description: Bugfix for Tornado+ BBS system (YT version). Fixed: LastCallers hangs bug, Hudson base message viewing and CD areas Y2K compliance. Provided as update for 1.65+ Tornado versions.


28-Jul-01 Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC]alpha

- soundlib removed.

14-Sep-01 Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC]alpha

! Core: INT 24h support. No more unhandled DOS critical error exceptions. Also added ExitProc support, all Tornado memory should be freed correctly.

! Added check for availablity of free XMS and EMS memory before allocation.

! No more CON reads in UserList/LastCallers while HideUsers_List absent in ctl (no more hangs with Ctrl+Z and Enter request from sysop's console).

15-Sep-01 Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC]alpha

-! 'Overlay into EMS' removed due to problems with EMS memory release while loading overlay into EMS.

! Hudson base now seeks correctly.

% Stack size reduced to 32768 bytes.

+ Multiline in local mode (for TRC testing and chat with local line).

! Line 0 will correctly receive all TRC messages, and shows in /W TRC list now.

06-Mar-02 Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC]alpha

! Returned to original stack size because 32k was unsufficient for file upload while in sysop chat.

01-Feb-04 Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC]alpha

% Compiled for 286+

02-Feb-04 Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC]alpha

! CD-areas Y2K compliance.

10-Mar-04 Tornado+/DOS 1.72[ASC]alpha

% Internal changes (System_Info)

Download latest version (DOS16).
If you don't have Tornado, you can download Tornado 1.65 installer here.

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